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About Us

Heavy Rotation is a music and entertainment destination designed to celebrate, empower, and multiply Filipino excellence in music. We believe Filipino music culture is rich and vibrant. For decades, Filipinos have contributed to hip hop culture, but yet still remain unseen. And while only a few have put Filipino artists on the map, there is a whole new wave of artists making noise that needs to be heard too. Our focus is to bring their stories and music to the forefront and deliver a seamless music discovery experience through handcrafted streaming radio, podcasts, and original content, all in one place. We believe in “never letting anyone keep you from your journey.” At Heavy Rotation, it’s our mission to help Filipino artists cement their legacies and authentically connect them with Filipino youth audiences while inspiring the masses.

Our Story

In 2007, former on-air radio personality and DJ, DJ Marlino “The Fivefoota Funk”, passed on an opportunity to return to the radio industry to bring his consciousness and love of music to an attentive audience. He worked tirelessly to craft a media outlet that would allow listeners to be better engaged with artists he would feature. Bringing Filipino artists into the limelight, while including mindful content, served a desire to use his skills to give back to the community. After about a year of constructing this updated version of a classic medium, Heavy Rotation debuted on December 8, 2007 as the first and only global podcast for Filipino Hip Hop and R&B music. However, after a 2-year stint, the show aired its final episode in 2009 due to personal reasons and a lack of finances that hindered the show’s growth. Fast forward 12 years later, with advancements in technology and the rise of new media, the Filipino community witnessed an emergence of triple the amount of Filipino artists and influencers around the globe. Ironically, the need for a platform to unify and amplify Filipino artists and music still remained the same. With a new purpose and outlook, the passion reignited, and DJ Marlino believed it was the right time to bring Heavy Rotation back to life.