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EP. 40 – xPeriencingLife, Jetter, Menon and more!

todaySeptember 12, 2019 4

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Today is kind of a momumental show for us because we’re celebrating our 20th episode (technically 40th) since we relaunched! To celebrate, we’re hooking you up with new music from Hip Hop and R&B artist XperiencingLife out of Vallejo and Antioch, California, Jetter from Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines, and making his debut on Heavy Rotation, Menon from Dubai UAE! Plus, your Heavy Rotation World Premiere comes from the Philippines and it’s by our bro, the Philippines’ King of R&B, Jay R.


  1. Soulrise – Versoul
  2. Cant Stand It – Russ Coson
  3. Just Like Us – Jetter
  4. Calisthetics – Swisha Sweet P
  5. My Heels – Erika David
  6. Serve – Janel Marisse
  7. Space In Between – John Concepcion ft Leanna Concepcion
  8. Challenge – KwotesByKeane
  9. Down For You – Alex Ritchie
  10. Serve – Janel Marisse
  11. Get It Done – GFAB
  12. Second Nature – Menon
  13. Boo – Jay R
  14. Catching Feelings – Inigo Pascual
  15. Fiend – XperiencingLife ft Junco G. & 7ohKev’o
  16. US – Ruby Ibarra, Rocky Rivera, Klassy, Faith Santilla
  17. We Go Beach – Lani Lux
  18. Hilo – Uela

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